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X(2), X(11057), X(11058)

vertices of antimedial triangle

points Ua, Ub, Uc mentioned in the Neuberg cubic page. See also table 16 and table 18.

K092 is the only isotomic pivotal equilateral isocubic. See Special Isocubics ยง6.6.2 for details.

Its pivot is the point labelled Pt on the figure. Pt = X(11057), the intersection of the lines X(2)X(187) and X(30)X(76).

The isopivot is X(11058), the isotomic conjugate of X(11057).

The triangle formed by the asymptotes is centered at O.

This cubic is the locus of pivots of all pK60 having the same asymptotic directions as itself. It is the only pK60 having this property.

The complement of K092 is K485 (another equilateral pivotal cubic) and its isogonal transform is K922.

See the related central stelloid K213.