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X(1), X(9), X(37), X(57), X(81), X(191), X(267), X(2160), X(3219), X(3579), X(10308), X(16553)


Geometric properties :

K1055 and K717 are two very similar isogonal pKs with respective pivots X(3219), X(3218) on the line {2, 7, 9, 57, 63, etc} and harmonic conjugates with respect to X(2), X(63).

These two cubics belong to a same pencil of isogonal pKs generated by the Thomson cubic K002 and K343, also containing K351 and K1044,

K1055 and K717 are the barycentric products X(1) x K455 and X(1) x K311 respectively.

K1056 is the isogonal transform of K455, also the barycentric products X(1) x K1055,

See also Table 34.