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X(6), X(7), X(9), X(37), X(75), X(86), X(87), X(192), X(256), X(366), X(894), X(1045), X(1654)

a1 = a : c : b, b1 = c : b : a, c1 = b : a : c

a3 = bc : b^2 : c^2, b3 = a^2 : ac : c^2, c3 = a^2 : b^2 : ab

See Clark Kimberling, Cubics Associated with Triangles of Equal Areas, Forum Geometricorum, vol.1, pp.161-171, 2000.

See also K324 = nK0(X1, X239) and a generalization in CL041.

K132 is the isogonal transform of K131 and the isotomic transform of K744. K1006 is the barycentric product X(6) x K132.

It is a weak cubic anharmonically equivalent to K131 as in Table 67.

The symbolic substitution SS{a -> √a} transforms K020 into K132.

K132 is the locus of P whose cevian triangle is perspective (at Q) to the 1st Sharygin triangle. The locus of Q is K960 = pK(X1914, X8424). Compare with K323. See also K673.