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X(1), X(2), X(6), X(31), X(105), X(238), X(292), X(365), X(672), X(1453), X(1931), X(2053), X(2054), X(2106), X(2107), X(2108), X(2109), X(2110), X(2111), X(2112), X(2113), X(2114), X(2115), X(2116), X(2117), X(2118), X(2119), X(2144), X(2145), X(2146), X(2147), X(3009)

harmonic associates of X(365),

We meet EAC2 = equal-areas (second) cevian cubic in Clark Kimberling's ETC-MORE.

EAC2 is Z(X238, X2) and also pK(X31, X238). See also K021 = Brocard (fifth) cubic which is EAC1.

The isogonal transform of K155 is K323, its isotomic transform is K1020 and its X(32)-isoconjugate is K771.

It is a weak cubic anharmonically equivalent to K131 as in Table 67.