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X(69), X(75), X(253), X(264), X(309), X(322), X(14615)

X(14615) = isotomic conjugate of X(64)

extraversions of X(75) = vertices of the anticevian triangle of X(75)

K183 is the isotomic transform of the Darboux cubic.

Consider a fixed point P and a variable point M. The cevian triangles of P and M are orthologic if and only if M lies on a cubic passing through A, B, C, P, Ga, Gb, Gc (vertices of the antimedial triangle). See Table 7 for further properties.

This cubic is a pK if and only if P lies on the Lucas cubic and then it is an isotomic pK containing G whose pivot lies on K183.

In other words, for any point Q on K183, pK(X2,Q) is the locus of point M such that the cevian triangle of M is orthologic to a fixed cevian triangle whose perspector lies on the Lucas cubic.