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X(2), X(99), X(523), X(524), X(671), X(690), X(892)

vertices of the antimedial triangle

E1 = (b^2 - c^2) / (b^2 + c^2 - 2a^2) : : , barycentric quotient of X(523) and X(524)

tE1 = isotomic conjugate of E1

K240 is the isotomic pivotal cubic with pivot X(892), a point on the Steiner ellipse, isotomic conjugate of X(690). X892) also lies on the circum-parabola (P) with perspector X(115). See details at K239, a pK with same asymptotic directions as K240.

E1 lies on the tangents at X(671) and X(892) to the Steiner ellipse. Its isotomic conjugate tE1 on the tangents at X(99) and X(892).

See also K241.

The isogonal transform of K240 is pK(X32, X691).

This cubic is a member of the class CL042.