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X(4), X(6), X(23), X(262), X(265), X(381), X(511), X(576), X(671)

K300 is a Droz-Farny cubic, a member of the class CL039. It is DF(Q) with Q = a^2[2a^2(b^2+c^2)-2(b^4+c^4)+3b^2c^2] : : , the common point of the lines X(4)X(94), X(6)X(23), X(2)X(51), X(110)X(576), etc. Q is now X(11002) in ETC (2016-11-22).

K300 is a focal cubic with singular focus X(671), the antipode of X(99) on the Steiner ellipse.

K300 is the locus of singular foci of all focal DF-cubics such as K025, K298, etc. See the table at CL039.