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X(2), X(4), X(376)

projections of X(376) on the sidelines of ABC

their reflections in G

points at infinity of the Thomson cubic

common points of the circumcircle and pK(X6, Z) where Z = X7998 = X2-X51 /\ X3-X74

X2-OAP points, see Q003 and Table 53

TC(X376) is a member of the class CL040 of Thomson centroidal cubics.

It is the locus of point M such that the trilinear polar of M is perpendicular to the line X(376)M where X(376) is the reflection of G in K.

K315 is a central cubic with three real asymptotes concurring at G and parallel to those of the Thomson cubic. The tangent at G passes through K.