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X(2), X(4), X(6), X(21), X(58), X(81), X(572), X(961), X(1169), X(1220), X(1798), X(2298), X(14534)

P = isotomic conjugate of X(1211) = cevapoint of K and X(21) = X(14534)

K379 is the locus of pivots of pKs meeting the circumcircle at the same points as pK(X6, X81).

Its pivot is P as defined above and its isopivot is K. It is a member of the class CL043 : the tangents at the intersections with the circumcircle concur.

It contains a large number of centers and the collinearities on the cubic are as follows :

P-X2-X1169, P-X4-X1798, P-X21-X961, P-X58-X1220, P-X81-X2298, X2-X4-X21, X2-X6-X81, X2-X961-X1220, X6-X58-X572, X6-X1169-X1798, X6-X1220-X2298, X21-X58-X81, X21-X1169-X2298, X81-X961-X1798, X572-X961-X2298.

It has the same asymptotic directions as pK(X6, X1211).

Its isogonal and isotomic transforms are pK(X2092, X2) and pK(X1228, X76) respectively.

K379 is the locus of M whose anticevian triangle is perspective to the circumcevian triangle of X(21). The locus of the perspector is K1173.