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X(2), X(3), X(4), X(6), X(8), X(9), X(57), X(392), X(957), X(1193), X(2183), X(3057), X(4266), X(14554), X(14555), X(14556), X(14557)

K387 is another example of cubic passing through G, O, H, K. It contains a large number of simple ETC centers.

See Table 30 for other cubics of the same type and the related K1244.

K387 also contains

  • P2 = X(2)X(4266) /\ X(392)X(3057),
  • P3 = X(2)X(6) /\ X(8)X(3057),
  • P4 = X(8)X(392) /\ X(57)X(2183),
  • P5 = X(4)X(8) /\ X(6)X(57).

These four points are now X(14554), X(14555), X(14556), X(14557) in ETC (2017-09-27).

K387 is invariant under the involution M -> GM /\ KM* where M* is the isogonal conjugate of M.