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X(6), X(523), X(1989), X(9178), X(14559), X(14560)

points described below.

K396 is the locus of poles of equilateral nK0+ cubics. The locus of their roots is K397. The locus of the radial center is Q153. Compare K396 and K095 for pK+ cubics.

K396 = nK(X11060, X1989, X6).

This cubic is tangent at A, B, C to the circumcircle. One of its asymptotes is the line X(2)X(523) and the two other are parallel to those of the circumconic with perspector X(32). These latter are not always real.

K396 meets its real asymptote at X = a^2(b^2-c^2) / (b^2+c^2-2a^2) : : = X(9178)

The isoconjugate of X is X* = (b^2+c^2-2a^2) / [(b^2-c^2)(4SA^2-b^2c^2)] : : = X(14559).

The isoconjugate of X(523) is Y = a^2 / [(b^2-c^2)(4SA^2-b^2c^2)] : : = X(14560).

When the pole is X(6), X(1989), Y we obtain the cubics K024, K205, K204 respectively.

K396 is also Kc1(X523) in CL053.