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X(30), X(1138)

The two Fermat cubics K046a and K046b generate a pencil of equilateral cubics that contains another pK. This is K515 with pole X(11070), pivot X(1138) and isopivot X(30).

All the cubics of the pencil are K60+ cubics with asymptotes concurring on the circle passing through G, X(126), X(618), X(619), X(1649), X(3258). This is the complement of the circle through X(2), X(13), X(14), X(111), X(476) we meet in K508.

In particular, those of K515 concur at X(3258), the complement of the Tixier point X(476), and are parallel to those of K092, the only isotomic pK60.