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too complicated to be written here. Click on the link to download a text file.

X(2), X(427), X(468)

P = X4 x X67 = X8791, intersection of the lines X(2)X(339), X(4)X(1383), X(6)X(67), X(25)X(115), etc

O1, O2 = bicentric pair PU(4)

K533 is the locus of point M such that the cevian triangle of M is perspective to the fourth Brocard triangle. The locus of the perspector is K539. See the related K322, K531. K532.

The pole and the pivot are both X(8791) = X(4) x X(67).

The polar conic of G is the circum-hyperbola passing through G, K and the pivot P. Thus, K533 is tangent at A, B, C to the medians.

K533 is a member of CL007.