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X(4), X(1344), X(1345), X(1351)

foci of the K-ellipse (inellipse with center K when the triangle ABC is acute angle)

imaginary foci of the Brocard ellipse i.e. common points of the Brocard axis and the Kiepert hyperbola

A', B', C' : points of pK(X6, X1351) on the circumcircle

infinite points of the McCay cubic K003

K708 is the unique spK(P, K) which is a stelloid. See CL055.

The radial center is X = X(14853), the homothetic of K under h(H, 2/3) and the asymptotes are parallel to those of the McCay cubic K003.

K708 is also a member of the pencil of stelloids generated by the McCay cubic and the union of the line at infinity with the Kiepert hyperbola. See Table 51.