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(a^4 + b^2c^2) x (b^2 y^2 - c^2 z^2) = 0

(c^2 x - b^2 y) - (b^2 x - c^2 z) = 0

X(6), X(69), X(75), X(141), X(264), X(308), X(1031), X(1502), X(2998), X(9230)

isotomic conjugates of points lying on K020, in particular those of the excenters and the vertices of the first and third Brocard triangles

K743 is the isotomic transform of K020. See a generalization in CL041.

It is a cubic anharmonically equivalent to K020 as in Table 66.

The isogonal transform of K743 is K1008 = pK(X1501, X1915).