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X(2), X(111), X(186), X(187), X(352), X(538), X(1340), X(1341), X(8426), X(8427)

K792 is the Psi-image of the hyperbola (H) that passes through the vertices of the second Brocard triangle T2 and also X(2), X(6), X(184), X(353), X(574), X(3117), X(3148).

Recall that the transformation Psi is an involution which is the product of the reflection about one axis of the Steiner inellipse and the inversion with circle that of diameter F1F2, the foci of this ellipse. See also "Orthocorrespondence and Orthopivotal Cubics", ยง5, K018 and K022.

K792 is a nodal circular circum-cubic with node X(2) but it is not a strophoid nor an isocubic nor a psK in ABC. Its singular focus is X(14084).

Each McCay circle meets (H) at X(2), two vertices of T2 and a fourth point whose Psi-image is an intersection of K792 with the sidelines of ABC.