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X(2), X(3), X(4), X(6), X(74), X(110), X(113), X(122), X(542)

O1, O2 = bicentric pair PU(4)

K818 is a focal cubic related to K816.

The singular focus F = X(14687) lies on the Brocard axis and on these four circles {X2,X3,X74}, {X2,X4,X113}, {X3,X4,X110}, {X74,X110,X113} and also on the (green) circle with diameter X(1344), X(1345) passing through X(6).

(H) is the polar conic of X(110), a rectangular hyperbola with center G meeting K818 at X(110) twice and two pairs of other (not always real) points with midpoint G.