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X(3), X(110), X(186), X(526), X(15329)

A', B', C' : orthotraces of O

S1 = X(3)X(110) /\ X(186)X(526) = X(15468)

S2 = X(3)X(526) /\ X(110)X(186) = X(15469)

in/excenters of triangle X(3)X(110)X(186)

Geometric properties :

K933 is the inverse in the circumcircle of the isogonal focal cubic K932.

It is also a focal cubic with singular focus X(186). It is also the isogonal pK with pivot X(526) with respect to the triangle X(3)X(110)X(186).

The orthic line (L) is the perpendicular bisector of X(3)X(110), namely the line X(526)X(1511).

The real asymptote is the homothetic of (L) under h(X186, 2) and meets K933 again at X, the antipode of X(186) on the circumcircle of X(3)X(110)X(186). X is now X(15470) in ETC (2017-12-06).