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a / (b + c - a) (y - z) y z = 0

X(2), X(57), X(174), X(189), X(223), X(557), X(558), X(1659), X(13388), X(13389), X(13390), X(15495), X(15891), X(15892)

midpoints of ABC

vertices of the anticevian triangle of X(174)

vertices of the cevian triangle of X(57) wrt the medial triangle

infinite points of pK(X2, X329)

points of pK(X2, X57) on the Steiner ellipse

Geometric properties :

K965 is the isogonal transform of pK(X41, X9), the isotomic transform of pK(X312, X312), the complement of pK(X2, X329).

K965 is also the barycentric product of K199 by X(7). These two cubics generate a pencil of circum-K0s that contains the cubics K977 = pK+(X1, X9) and nK0(X1, X522).