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a^3 (b y - c z) y z = 0 or a x^2 (c^3 y - b^3 z) = 0

X(1), X(19), X(31), X(63), X(75), X(2172)

isogonal conjugate of X(2172)

Geometric properties :

K968 is the barycentric product of K141 by X(1), also K177 by X(75).

A variable line (L) passing through the incenter X(1) of ABC meets K968 again at M1, M2 whose barycentric product is S.

When (L) rotates around X(1), the locus of S is psK(X1974, X4, X2), the isogonal transform of K257, also the barycentric product of K028 by X(6).

Note that K257 and K028 are two nodal psK+, one being the isotomic transform of the other.

See the page K967 for a generalization.